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By adding skilled software engineers to your internal development team, you can expand its size and productivity with the help of our IT staff augmentation services.

Traditional company models have been eclipsed by the emerging business practices, paving the way for a future driven by technology. Software development firms are being forced by this paradigm shift to produce digital solutions quickly in order to keep up with demand. However, a lot of technological organizations still struggle with the lack of internally qualified personnel.

IT one of the most significant worldwide corporate trends nowadays is staff augmentation. In its simplest form, staff augmentation refers to the temporary deployment of outside experts to boost a specific company’s capability. This practice has been around for a while; it basically started when workers were temporarily hired from outside of their country to cover positions due to absences, illnesses, etc. The most popular industry where staff augmentation is done today is software development.

IT Staff Augmentation Services

No matter how basic or complex your project is, we offer our IT staff augmentation services. These services range from prototyping to full-scale development of desktop, mobile, or web apps, testing, and systems management.


Our developers have hands-on experience with a wide range of technologies and can provide particular skill sets and certified knowledge on a technology or product stack at any stage of software development. They work as part of your local team and report to your managers/management directly

On Demand IT Staff Augmentation

People Tree provides critical skill sets for your business objectives, filling gaps in your current team and providing staffing solutions that will help ensure your technology initiatives keep pace with your business needs.

Scalability is essential for any successful project, and as they expand and mature, it may become necessary to add additional members who are exactly appropriate for the position. The staff augmentation strategy enables you to fulfil varying demand while avoiding the problems of over-staffing. It enables software development firms to quickly discover the ideal fit for difficult-to-fill or temporary positions, increasing project scalability and efficiency. Furthermore, staff augmentation teams offer a variety of ways and improve collaboration through the interchange of technical ideas.

It takes many diverse expertise to accomplish your project on time, and you can choose from our talent pool to assure on-time project completion. Our professionals include the following:

Why choose People Tree?

Dedicated Augmented Teams

Our software developers or any team members are assigned to a particular client only and they are not involved in any other projects so they are 100% dedicated to that particular client project only. By selecting highly skilled team members through our IT Staff Augmentation services you will be able to utilize your own technical capabilities at optimum level within the organization.

Top IT Talent

Our specialists are highly skilled in the areas of IT and custom software development. By choosing us you get top talented software developers with a knack for innovation and ensure high productivity and performance.

Quality Recruitment

We take hiring and recruiting process very seriously. Our hiring process is constantly active to ensure immediate access to the best IT professionals in the market. Here, you can easily find and hire developers with particular skills needed for each of your projects. Besides technical skills, we thoroughly test candidates for logical reasoning skills and soft skills during interviews. Only those developers who score highly across all areas are presented to our clients.

English Language proficiency

Our team members language proficiency gives an upper edge as far as communication is concerned which can make things gel up faster and easier to reach understanding, streamline the workflow, improve management, and reduce costly misunderstandings.

Geographical Proximity

We are located in India which gives an edge to the client who would prefer remote hiring for the different time zones support.

Scalability & Flexibility

You can expand your in-house team when project deadlines require a larger workforce. This flexibility allows you to respond faster to changes in the market and exploit opportunities for growth. Our extended team has professional acumen, flexibility, and considerable experience working with both small and large-scale projects that seek to improve the performance and productivity of your team, letting you scale quickly and complete development on time.

Our remote developers quickly integrate with your internal team, report directly to your management, and participate actively in daily meetings and progress reports. We oversee payroll, benefits, unemployment, coaching, termination, and performance issues, so you don’t have to devote additional administrative resources.

For the entire software development process, we implement any kind of workflow requested by the customer.

We can utilize any of the following or a hybrid approach: